How Gutter Guard Prevents Birds And Other Unwanted Pests

How Gutter Guard Prevents Birds And Other Unwanted Pests

How Gutter Guard Prevents Birds And Other Unwanted Pests

Gutter Guard Prevents Birds

Issues with birds nesting in your roof space can be a health hazard, but they are also a nuisance that can cause internal problems if nesting in roof cavities and spread disease. You may have tried alternative methods to keep out birds?

Having birds nesting in your roof and gutters can attract unwanted pests, such as snakes, rats, and other vermin.

Through trial and error, we have concluded the most effective means of keeping birds out of your gutters is by installing our Premium Ultraguard Aluminium Gutter Guard protection to your gutters and valleys.

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Our system is 100% bird proof, and we guarantee that once installed birds will not be able to access your gutters anymore.

Our Gutter Guard system is a durable, expanded aluminum system that keeps birds out, and it will also keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris lowering maintenance costs and the need to regularly clean blocked gutters. Our Alumesh and Embermesh have a BAL of Zero, CSIRO rated which can help protect your home in the event of a nearby fire, by keeping your gutters clear of dry debris.

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Bird feces have the potential to carry around 60 different diseases, and there is every possibility that this could be passed onto your family. While pest controllers can rid these critters from invading your roof momentarily, they cannot prevent them from returning.

To remove these unwanted pests permanently, your best option is to invest in a gutter protection and bird proofing solution. Gutter Guard KingUltraguard, combines these two principles with a simple and durable preventative solution.

King GroupGutter Guard King, have over 25 years experience in the industry and are your professionals when it comes to the first line of defence with bird proofing in and around your home and property. We also assist in preventing nesting under solar panels, with our Solar Skirting and Bird Proofing methods.

This decreases the possibility of birds nesting and seeking shelter on top of your roof and under the solar panels.

Through the development of our Gutter Guard products, we can provide our customers with guaranteed protection against unwanted birds nesting and causing damage to your roof’s cavity.
We will provide you with a Gutter Guard solution that leaves no chance of unexpected visitors residing in your home. Using exposure grade aluminum, our professional technicians will create a barrier across the top of your gutters that ensures that rainwater can still flow freely but ensures that most leaves, debris, and other pests and vermin out of your gutters and external areas of our roof and property.



With Birds perching on your window ledges or guttering we can offer a Bird Deterrent and using our patented Alumesh gutter protection system, and solar skirting to help in evicting these unwanted birds from these types of areas. Birds Nesting under Solar Panels Cause

We can evict all birds from nesting under solar panels and is now quite common to find pigeons to be the main culprits, creating damage and causing havoc to your roof and household. Solar panels provide great protection from the elements, and they provide the same type of sanctuary for pigeons due to being a great source of shelter, nesting, and food source in and around your property.

When pigeons and other pest bird species nest under solar panels they will eventually create a great deal of mess and fouling from the accumulation of droppings and debris from nesting material which will lead to the overflowing of the gutters and blockages including

Pigeons and Bird droppings are problematic as they reduce the efficiency of the solar panel’s overtime with their droppings on the panels as their droppings are corrosive which could lead to electrolysis with a variety of materials and fixings directly related to the solar panels.

How we can help:
We can permanently stop the different variety of pest birds from nesting under solar panels and prevent them from landing on the leading edge of the solar panels. To stop birds from nesting under the solar panels we install our premium Ultraguard aluminum mesh to the perimeter of the solar panels with a Vexo solar clip. Our patented Alumesh is backed with a manufacturer warranty for 15 years.
Our expanded aluminum product is treated with an Akzo Nobel powder coat, preventing UV breakdown and deterioration over time, with a BAL of Zero, CSIRO rated. Making it durable and compliant with your solar panels and gutters.

Once installed and the birds have been evicted preventing the ability to continually nest, their once ideal real estate is now not a viable source for shelter and food and will no longer reap havoc to your home or property.

Get in touch with one of our team today to discuss how King Group can assist in riding your home from unwanted guests!

The Benefits of Bird Proofing – WHY?

The Benefits of Bird Proofing – WHY?

The Benefits of Bird Proofing – WHY?

The Benefits of Bird Proofing – WHY?
Birds, mice, pests, and vermin find shelter and nest on roofs as these are relatively undisturbed and warm locations. When birds move into your home, they block gutters and downpipes with their nests and debris while the acidity of their droppings causes corrosion to your gutters and roof. All are avoidable problems with the right protection.

King Group utilize an expanded exposure grade Aluminium mesh as a protective and preventative measure to assist in protecting your house, roof, and property against the infiltration of any unwanted birds, pests, and vermin. Our bird proofing can stop the problem almost immediately. Through our years of industry experience, we endeavour to provide a cost-effective solution.

Health-Related Concerns

Bird droppings contain many nasty parasites and bacteria, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis, encephalitis, aspergillosis and toxoplasmosis. Through removing opportunities for birds to nest, bird proofing significantly reduces the volume of droppings you will encounter. Keeping your roof and gutters clean, free, and protected against the possibility of any related issues arising due to bird infesting and nesting in your property.

Environmental Protection

Many of the birds we prove against are not native to Australia. They are foreign species that have a negative impact on our indigenous species. Discouraging these species from nesting and settling helps to ensure there is sufficient food and resources for our native birds to flourish.