Will a roof restoration stop leaks?

Will a roof restoration stop leaks?

A roof restoration can assist in returning your to its previous glory.
The main issues of a roof leaking may be due to flashing, broken tiles and tears in the sarking paper within the roof cavity itself.

Leaks due to poor conditions:

Broken tiles are the most common and the easiest to identify when it comes to addressing your water leak and should be the first thing you cross off the list. Broken tiles can sometimes be hard to spot so best to have your roof inspected by a qualified roofer. Even better, when you have a roof restoration all broken tiles will be changed. This may be just the solution when looking to rid your property of any unwanted leaks or future issues. 

Causes of broken Tiles:

Sometimes a tile can break due to the coating wearing off over time and the concrete becoming bare and brittle. This is why it is important to restore your roof every 10-15 years. Tiles can also break from being walked on incorrectly or as a result of having work done on your roof such as solar, electrical or other trades work.


A tear in your sarking paper is also another common cause of roof leaks. Most commonly we see tears is customer’s sarking paper form electrical work or from deterioration. It is incredibly important to inform your roofer if you have had previous leaks and when restoring a roof it is impossible to see the sarking paper unless the tiles have been lifted off to inspect the area. As mentioned above, a restoration will only fix your leak issues if it is a broken tile causing the leak.
IF you are worried about your roofs condition or are experiencing leaks, give one of you specialists at King Group Australia for a free roof health check, measure and quote.

What to look out for when deciding on your roof restoration company?

What to look out for when deciding on your roof restoration company?

Your home is the most significant investment you will ever make in life. Owning a home is one thing; keeping it in tiptop condition is another. Roof repairs are not only a costly endeavour but also require the expertise of an experienced roofing contractor.f

Finding the right professional to undertake your roofing needs is not necessarily as easy as it seems. You not only need to be sure the roof repairer is qualified for the job but also need the assurance of a high-quality job at the end of it all. Although there may be dozens of roofing repair companies to choose from, you need to have a checklist of qualifications that these providers should meet to qualify for the job. Some of the following considerations are outlined below:

1. Hire Local

The local guy understands local roofing and council codes and regulations much better, and understand what challenges you might be facing with the roof and the restoration process required to restore its previous lustre.

2. Qualifications

The roofing company needs to have qualified personnel capable of handling any roofing issue you might have. Although the company might have been in business for several years, you may still have to check the staff’s credentials before making the final decision. The roofing company a needs to be licensed and certified by recognized institutions to qualify for this task. At King Group Australia, we pride ourselves on our 25 years worth of industry experience with only the highest skilled expertise and workman in the market.

3. Experience and Reputation

Reputation is vital when looking for a roofing company. Although most companies struggle to maintain a good reputation, some of the best providers out there have been able to stand the trials of time, hence respected in the industry. King Group Australia, not only provide quality workmanship, but our clients with peace of mind throughout the entire process and thereafter. 

While some roof repairs may seem straightforward, some of these need to be handled with a lot of professionalism and care to avoid damaging the entire roof. You should, therefore, consider choosing a roofing company with at least five years of working experience in the roofing industry. The employees, too, need to have at least three years’ experience in the field to qualify for such a delicate job.

4. Check Customer Reviews And Testimonials

One factor, that separates the specialists from cowboys, are customer reviews. Be sure to check customer reviews, testimonials, and ratings before making the final decision. Look out for companies with positive reviews and an excellent customer rating. Read all these reviews to get an idea of what to expect from this firm. Altertnatively, give us a call and have one of our specialists answer any questions or concerns you may have.

How Gutter Guard Prevents Birds And Other Unwanted Pests

How Gutter Guard Prevents Birds And Other Unwanted Pests

How Gutter Guard Prevents Birds And Other Unwanted Pests

Gutter Guard Prevents Birds

Issues with birds nesting in your roof space can be a health hazard, but they are also a nuisance that can cause internal problems if nesting in roof cavities and spread disease. You may have tried alternative methods to keep out birds?

Having birds nesting in your roof and gutters can attract unwanted pests, such as snakes, rats, and other vermin.

Through trial and error, we have concluded the most effective means of keeping birds out of your gutters is by installing our Premium Ultraguard Aluminium Gutter Guard protection to your gutters and valleys.

Bird proofing nest | king group
Our system is 100% bird proof, and we guarantee that once installed birds will not be able to access your gutters anymore.

Our Gutter Guard system is a durable, expanded aluminum system that keeps birds out, and it will also keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris lowering maintenance costs and the need to regularly clean blocked gutters. Our Alumesh and Embermesh have a BAL of Zero, CSIRO rated which can help protect your home in the event of a nearby fire, by keeping your gutters clear of dry debris.

bird disease-bird

Bird feces have the potential to carry around 60 different diseases, and there is every possibility that this could be passed onto your family. While pest controllers can rid these critters from invading your roof momentarily, they cannot prevent them from returning.

To remove these unwanted pests permanently, your best option is to invest in a gutter protection and bird proofing solution. Gutter Guard KingUltraguard, combines these two principles with a simple and durable preventative solution.

King GroupGutter Guard King, have over 25 years experience in the industry and are your professionals when it comes to the first line of defence with bird proofing in and around your home and property. We also assist in preventing nesting under solar panels, with our Solar Skirting and Bird Proofing methods.

This decreases the possibility of birds nesting and seeking shelter on top of your roof and under the solar panels.

Through the development of our Gutter Guard products, we can provide our customers with guaranteed protection against unwanted birds nesting and causing damage to your roof’s cavity.
We will provide you with a Gutter Guard solution that leaves no chance of unexpected visitors residing in your home. Using exposure grade aluminum, our professional technicians will create a barrier across the top of your gutters that ensures that rainwater can still flow freely but ensures that most leaves, debris, and other pests and vermin out of your gutters and external areas of our roof and property.
Factors that Influence the Cost of Roof Restoration

Factors that Influence the Cost of Roof Restoration

Factors that Influence the Cost of Roof Restoration

Factors that Influence the Cost of Roof Restoration
Access difficulties and scope of work are a few of the common factors that determine roof restoration prices. Read the following aspects to help you define your requirements and allocate your roofing expenses.

1. Roof condition
The condition of your roof is the major factor that affects your roof restoration cost. Your local roofing specialist will inspect your roof to see the level of detailed work to perform. Restoration jobs that demand structural amendments attract increased costs.

Is cleaning required to remove algae, debris, or moulds that may weaken the durability of your roof? Does it need repainting? Are the gutters in good condition? Will there be access difficulties? Prices may alter based on these concerns.

2. Bedding and pointing
The type of bedding and pointing you will use also adds to your expenses. The price of basic mortar bedding may differ from polymer bedding. Likewise, the cost of repointing roof, ridge tiles may vary from the standard labor rate of repointing metal roofs.

3. Roof type
Metal roof restoration jobs may require a different process unlike with tiled roofs. Age-old metal roofs may need to be resealed or repainted to resolve aesthetic concerns. In some cases, replacing the entire sheet is necessary to avoid further leaks or damage.

Colorbond roof sheets cost anywhere between $13 to $37 depending on the type. Tile roof restorations, on the other hand, involve repointing and replacing cracked tiles that show signs of structural issues. New installations can have an impact on the cost of roof restoration. Expect to pay around $3 to $5 per tile.

4. Additional charges
In some cases, large repairs are required to restore the look and functionality of your roof. This may mean spending extra on labor and materials. Replacement jobs also influence the cost of roof restoration services.

Note: Gutter guard upgrades are another factor that can impact your cost. Specifying your requirements helps you manage your expenses.

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration
How Much Does Roof Restoration Cost?
Roof restoration costs vary depending on the requirements to be undertaken and any issues you experience with your roof. To restore a roof, including repairs, maintenance, and cleaning, you may expect to pay $2,500 on a three-bedroom home. Slate tile roof repairs may run you $4,500 or more.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Roof?
If you only need repairs and not a whole new roof, you can expect to pay between $200 to $500. Roof tile replacement cost goes up with higher-priced materials that require experienced craftsmanship, such as clay or slate tiles. The cost to replace the fascia or fix the flashing may also drive up your bill.

How Much to Replace Roof Shingles?
For mainly decorative purposes, roof shingles overlap on the edges of your existing roof, with many choices for the material. Single prices per bundle can vary greatly depending on the material you choose. Asphalt shingles cost about $30 to $50 per square meter, while clay may be as much as $200 to $270. Slate roof shingles are another option, costing about $200 to $540 per bundle.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Roof Repairs and Replacement
Your roof repair cost affected by the complexity of the issue. Say you have a roof leak, your roof restorer will need to take into account the type of roof and amount of holes.

Type of roof: It’s easy to see that a more expensive roof will be more costly to fix. This is due to the artistry and craftsmanship required for high-priced, often natural materials, for example, clay tiles are harder to work with compared to Colorbond shingles.

Height, slope, and steepness of the roof: A single-storey home is less expensive than a multi-level roof with taller or steeply angled portions. The higher the roofer is from the ground, the bigger the risk, which is why the pricing will always cost more for a steeper and taller roof.

The severity of the damage: While one leak may be easier to pinpoint, multiple holes may mean numerous repairs. Each type of repair will add layers to the overall cost.

Accessibility to the roof: If the roof isn’t easily accessed, this will affect the number of labor hours and the amount of equipment needed.

Replacement/Renovation: A newer roof may benefit from renovations, while your roofer may recommend a replacement on an older house. You don’t want to waste money on leaking roof repair cost only to realize six months later than a whole new roof is necessary.

Structural work: If your roof’s underpinnings or structure has damage, you will need an experienced roof contractor. They will assess the severity of the issue and begin preparations to repair your roof. Damage to your roof framework will require urgent repairs.

Roof materials: Materials come in a wide range of prices, and this will affect your costs. While Colorbond shingles may cost $50 per square meter, slate tiles can run up to $280 per square meter. Repairs are likely to reflect this difference in material cost and craftsmanship.

Existing roof: If asbestos is in the existing roof, you cannot have it repaired. Asbestos removal costs from $3,500 to $5,000 and will need to take place before you pay for a new roof.
Removal and disposal of existing material: When looking for a roof restoration quote, be sure to ask if the roofer will haul away any debris.

Gutter or downpipe installations: Often leaks are caused by inadequate guttering. New gutters can be an option to stop future leaks. If you’re considering the gutter installation and a roof renovation.

Different Types of Roofing Repairs and Replacements
Replacements: The cost to reroof a house will be around $11,000 to $12,000 for a new roof using the most affordable products on a modest home. Colorbond roof costs may be as little as $5,400 for the medium-priced power-coated materials. Prices will climb with large houses and with pricier products. One estimate indicates that a new roof cost for high-end roofs can be between $30,000 and $60,000.

Roof restoration: Replacing slate roof tiles cost less than a whole new roof. You may want to figure in ridges and gables, which cost $45 per hour or more. You’ll want to get a precise quote based on a realistic timeline to avoid unforeseen costs.
Cleaning: Cleaners charge per hour, and they offer specialized services. They may use pressure cleaning or another method to remove mould or fungus or to clean dirty tile. Thus your roof tile cleaning cost is directly tied to labor costs, which average $40 per hour.

Repairs: A small roof leak repair costs $200 while multiple leaks or difficult leaks will cost at least $500. If there are too many leaks, then it may be worth getting a new roof.

Renovation: Painting, cleaning, and minor repairs can transform the look of your home. Tile roofs may require ridge capping, priced at around $2,000 for a whole house. If you have a terracotta roof, you may need capping and repointing, costing around $1,500. Renovation prices depend on how drastically you wish to change your current roof.

Roof Painting: The type of roof affects the roof painting cost. The average price of a roof painting job will range from $2000 to $7000, depending on how small or large the house is, as well as the materials/paint used.

Roof Repointing: The repointing process can repair damaged tiles, but it also creates a stronger bond between the tiles and the roof. Roof repointing cost is around $2000 to $3000 for the average size house.

Roof Sealing: Roof sealing cost averages from $500 to $2000 for the average home.

Factors that decide the cost of roof cleaning

Factors that decide the cost of roof cleaning

Factors that decide the cost of roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is based on the type of roof you have. For example, metal and concrete roofs are less expensive to clean than terracotta.
Terracotta is much harder to clean, similarly, much more care has to be taken on such roofs.

The size and shape of the roof also play a big part in the cost. Depending on how many stories must be cleaned, and factoring in the slope, slant, or angle of the roof may take longer there for more costly. For example, a single-story roof that doesn’t slope too much will cost less than a higher-pitched roof with steep slopes. Another contributing factor to the cost is the condition of the roof. If the roof is relatively new, or fairly clean it may cost less to clean. If for example the roof is covered in lichen or moss/mould it takes a fair amount of time to eradicate
and clean the roof, proving to be more costly.

Roof cleaning techniques and services

There are two ways to clean a roof:

Soft wash is recommended for most roofs because high-pressure cleaning can cause leaks if not done by a professional and can even damage the roof. One method uses chemical or natural products to give a roof a ” soft wash.” The other method is a high-pressure cleaning. Professionals know just how much pressure any type of roof can take and know how to use high-pressure washers to
not damage the roof.

If your roof is affected by algae or moss, consider having it cleaned. Lichen, moss, and algae may feed on organic material in shingles and can lead to wood rot. While algae or moss is most visible on the roof, it has a tendency to spread and get into the timber under and around the roof.

  • Roof cleaners don’t only clean roofs. For example, a roof may need repointing, ridge capping or even re-bedding. Better roof cleaners will point these problems out and give quotes for repairs:

Roof sealing
Roof painting
Gutter replacement
Ridge cap repair

Many roof cleaners will also clean guttering. This can be necessary after the roof is
cleaned because dirt, moss, algae, and leaves will collect in the gutters after the job
is done.

Each service will have a different cost:

  • Roof cleaning will be the first cost
  • Roof repairs will be an extra cost
  • Cleaning guttering and the gutter guard will be an additional cost

If a roof repairer can do all the jobs, they won’t have to charge extra for travel and setup time. It will be less expensive to have one service do all your roofing jobs for you and when they’ve redone, they will offer a warranty on their services. A small roof cleaning job can cost well under $1000. A more complex roof may cost more and if repairs are needed, expect to pay between $1200 and $1500 depending
on the extent of the repairs.

What other services do roof cleaners offer?
Most roof cleaners are full-service roofing professionals who can offer you much more than just a clean roof. As mentioned above, they can do a variety of roof repairs for you. Some of these repairs will include roof restoration procedures such as:

    • Roof tile repairs or replacement
  • Repointing and cementing
  • Replacement or repairs of valleys

The cost of replacing a roof?
In general, replacing a roof costs between $80 and $110 per square meter and the cost will include removing and disposing of the old roof. More complex roofs may cost more. How often should I clean my roof and guttering?

How often a roof should be cleaned may depend on the location of your property. In general, a roof should be cleaned every two or three years, but you will know when your roof looks dirty or has moss or algae growing on it. Roof cleaning should not be a DIY job. Even a gently sloping roof will become slippery when water is applied. This is doubly true for heavily soiled roofs or roofs with algae or moss growing on them. Professionals know how to clean roofs safely because they do it every day and will take all necessary safety precautions.